Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland sponsors film for the 48 Hour Film Project

August 2018
Rotterdam – the Netherlands

In alignment with the Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland management’s affinity for the arts, a film project was sponsored by the company. The film sponsored was a short, named In Focus.

The project was created by team Gers for the 48 Hour Film Project Rotterdam, a competition in which teams of filmmakers are assigned a genre alongside other specific elements that must appear in their movies. The teams then have 48 hours to create a short film.

The competition was held in 2001 for the first time and is held yearly in cities all around the world from New York to Shanghai. The form of sponsoring for the film was the provision of Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland’s headquarters estate, Villa Lakeside, as a shooting location.

The film, starring Albertine De Kanter, Anke Van ‘T Hof, Laurens De Groot and Truus De Boer was screened on Friday the 31st of August at Lantaren Venster in Rotterdam. The film will also be send to other film festivals.


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