Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland organises in-house case day with B&R Investment Society

May 2019
Rotterdam – the Netherlands

Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland and the Vice-President of B&R Investment Society, Adnaan Wilson, have come to an agreement to organise an in-house case day. B&R is the student investment society at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Their mission is to help their members to learn everything about investing. They shape this purpose by different means such as B&R Beurs Academy, where new members are taught the financial world by veteran members of the society and guest lecturers. Then, this knowledge is broadened by a number of readings, workshops, classes, guests speakers and company in-house days.

The in-house case day will introduce B&R members to the world of private equity. The students will tackle a specific private equity case with feedback from industry professionals. The winning team members will be awarded with a financial compensation, Italian wines and interviews towards an internship with the investment company.


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