‘Villa Lakeside’ was given monumental status by Rotterdam Municipality

August 2020
Rotterdam – the Netherlands

‘Villa Lakeside’, the headquarters building of Tandheelkunde Groep Nederland in Rotterdam, elected to receive a monumental status. With this announcement, the building entered into the heritage protection program of the Rotterdam Municipality. ‘Villa Lakeside’ will be the 4th monument recognized by the municipality in the district of Overschie besides ‘Keersluis Poldervaart’, ‘Voormalige smederij Rozenburg’ and ‘Voormalig Raadshuis’.

The municipality's heritage policy is aimed at preserving the historical stratification of the city for future generations. The city houses an international UNESCO World Heritage Site, national monuments, protected cityscapes and municipal monuments. In addition to these, there are numerous iconic buildings preserved in the neighborhoods of the city. Rotterdam Municipality follows a Heritage Agenda, with the guidelines in the agenda, the Municipal Executives want to continue to engage in a dialogue about cultural-historical awareness in the city. Tandheelkunde Groep Nederlands’ management is glad to contribute to the preservation of heritage.


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